Digital Games Research
ECREA Section
Modus Operandi


1. Status

1.1.The “Digital Games Research” section is an integral part of ECREA and exists under its authority.

1.2.The section is independent in its decisions and its strategic direction provided that it respects ECREA statutes and bylaws and the policies and decisions of the Executive Board.


2. Membership

2.1.The “Digital Games Research” section is constituted by all ECREA members who express their interest in joining the section.

2.2.ECREA members can join the “Digital Games Research” section via the ECREA Intranet.


3. Section business meeting

3.1.The “Digital Games Research” section holds an annual business meeting, open to all interested ECREA members.

3.2.The section business meeting is sovereign in making decisions regarding the general direction of the section and the current issues to be addressed by the section.

3.3. Only the section business meeting can modify the Modus operandi or the Mission statement. Changes to the Objectives or Modus Operandi always require the approval of ECREA’s Executive Board.

3.4. Minutes and decisions of the section business meeting shall be communicated to all section members by e-mail within a maximum of one month after the meeting.


4. Section Management Team

4.1.The section Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the section. It is composed of one Chair and two Vice-Chairs.4.2.The section Management Team is accountable for its decisions to the section business meeting and the ECREA Executive Board.

4.3. Chair and Vice-Chairs are elected every two years. The maximum term for a member of the section Management Team is 6 consecutive years. Preferably, a new member will enter the section Management Team at the position of Vice-Chair, and become a Chair after having been a Vice-Chair.

4.4. The election of the Chair and Vice-Chairs takes place through a secret ballot at any section event (including the annual business meeting) and by e-mail for the absent members. If no section event is held at the convenient moment, the election will take place through e-mail only.

4.5. Three months before the end of the mandate of the outgoing section Management Team, candidates can put themselves forward for election as a team and by sending an e-mail to the Chair.

4.6. The results of the election shall be communicated to all section members by e-mail within a maximum of one month after the voting.


5. General voting procedure

5.1.Only section members qualify to vote.

5.2.Decisions require a simple majority of votes.

5.3. Each section member may be represented by another member by way of a written and signed proxy delivered before the voting.



 Modus Operandi