Digital Games Research
ECREA Section
New Management Team

The sections’ founding chair Thorsten Quandt (University of Münster, Germany) and founding vice-chair Jan Van Looy (University of Ghent, Belgium) decided to step aside. Thus, a new management team was elected at the business meeting which was held at the ECREA conference in Lugano. Former vice-chair Marko Siitonen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland; marko.siitonen[at]jyu[dot]fi) was elected as the new chair of the section. Felix Reer (University of Münster, Germany; felix.reer[at]uni-muenster[dot]de) and Teresa De La Hera (Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands; delahera[at]eshcc[dot]eur[dot]nl) were elected to the position of vice-chairs. The new management team’s mission statement reads as follows:  

We have been working in the field of games research for several years now and consider the Digital Games Research Section of the ECREA one of the most important forums of European games researchers. While the group has grown in the first years since its foundation, we have currently reached a turning point that makes it necessary to take the initiative, attract new members, and tread new paths to secure the future success of the group. We propose that the main task of the future management team will lie in actively promoting the group and in expanding the networks among European games researchers, and in broadening the intercontinental networks and the cooperation with other relevant research groups. Further, we should adapt to recent technological developments and think of ways to more strongly integrate research on new media technologies (like Virtual and Augmented Reality) into the section. We look forward to organizing a section specific conference/symposium in 2019.