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Games and society: From social interaction to social change
Pre-Conference to ECREA’s fifth European Communication Conference, ECC 2014 (Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, Portugal), 11.11.2014


I. Games for change

The persuasive properties of games for change. A case based analysis (Ruud Jacobs, Clarissa Spiekerman-Roberts, Jeroen Jansz, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

“Resist the Dictatorship of Malygos on Coldarra Island!” Evidence of MMOG Culture in Taiwan’s Sunflower Social Movement (Lin Holin, National Taiwan University; Chuen-Tsai Sun, National Chiao Tung University)

II. Pros and cons of gamification

Transmedia activisim: How today’s gamified storytelling can trigger social change (Lorena Lamin, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Between Drudgery and Promesse du bonheur: Games and Gamification (Mathias Fuchs, University of Lüneburg)

III. Players & production

Designing player-studio interactions for co-creation: reviewing academic theory with industrial practice. (Jedrzej Czarnota, Manchester Business School)

Regulating cheaters, acknowledging innovation and handling criticism. A social history of player-developer relations in an online first-person shooter game (David L. Gerber, University of Geneva)

IV. Mobile gaming

On Moving Games. A study about the impact of mobile games on everyday’s life (Rainer Winter, Claudia Steußnig, Matthias Wieser, University of Klagenfurt)

Art and mobile devices in health literacy: obesity prevention in adolescence (Paula Boaventura, Paulo Fontes, José Azevedo, University of Porto)

V. Serious games & games with a purpose

Serious gaming as a research method – exploring analytical procedures (Therese Asplund, Linköping University; Surkku Juhola, University of Helsinki)

Are gamers good race car drivers? Transfer of prior experience to game-based learning scenarios (Benny Liebold, Kevin Koban, Daniel Pietschmann, Chemnitz University of Technology)

VI. Games & social structure(s)

Social play for integration. How Viennese teenagers with different ethnical backgrounds play “YourTurn! The Video Game” for social integration. (Gerit Göttzenbrucker, Vera Schwarz, University of Vienna; Fares Kayali, Peter Purgathofer, Vienna University of Technology; Jürgen Pfeffer, Carnegie Mellon University; Barbara Franz, Rider University)

The (re)negotiation of social structures in virtual worlds: A case study of Second Life’s economic structure (Cátia Ferreira, Carla Ganito, Catholic University of Portugal)