Digital Games Research
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Games Scholars Survey

Some preliminary findings of our Game Scholar Survey (conducted in cooperation with ICA’s Game Studies Interest Group and the Digital Games Research Association) can be found here.

Some of the findings are surprising and completely contradicting some popular beliefs about game scholars. Publications with detail analyses and much more data are under preparation.

A big THANK YOU to all the participants – you helped us in getting a much better picture of the state of games research these days.


You can cite this presentation as follows:

Van Looy, J., Quandt, T., Vogelgesang, J., Elson, M., Ivory, J., Mäyrä, F., & Consalvo, M. (2013). Mapping the field of digital games research: Results of a large international survey. Paper presented at the 63rd Annual Conference of the International Communicaton Association, London, UK.