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Preconf Registration

Dear colleagues,

some of you tried to register for the preconference, and sadly, we have to admit that there are still problems. You might get a response saying that you registered for the Climate Change precon – please ignore that, it’s simply a copy paste error. If you do get a mail response (even if it’s for the climate precon), we did get your registration. If you don’t get anything, you might want to contact us directly by mail – then something might be wrong.

Furthermore, we were told that some of you might pay 30 Euros just to transfer the money to the account at Plato College. Obviously, that doesn’t make any sense. We will find a solution for that problem – either by opening a second, European account, or by a simple ‘cash collection’ at the precon itself. We will let you know in time. If you register before the 15th, you will get the early bird price, no matter what.

Sorry, again, for the inconvenience. We do our best to solve these issues soon.