Digital Games Research
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Trans-Atlantic Game Talks #3

With the greatest pleasure, we would like to announce the third installment of our chat series “Trans-Atlantic Game Talks”!

We plan to host this event on Tuesday, 24th of July at 4 p.m. GMT (noon at U.S. Eastern Daylight Saving Time, midnight in Singapore) for about 90 minutes. The theme of this third session will be “Studying Game Design, Designing Game Studies”, focusing on the medium itself rather than its users, both in terms of practice and research of game design, but also the role of game design for current trends in the social sciences. The session will feature RICHARD BARTLE, designer, writer, and professor Essex University.

The ongoing cooperative efforts between ECREA’S Digital Games Research and ICA’s Games Studies section to foster community and collaboration between games researchers worldwide are incredible! Just like the first TAG Talk, it will take place on Google+ through the “Hangout” function. Just create an account on G+ (if you don’t have one already), add the ICA Game Studies Interest Group to your circles, and be there on time so we can invite you to the video chat!

We are hoping that ICA and ECREA members are interested (as usual), but we also need to coordinate participation due to the hangouts’ limits of ten simultaneous participants. If you are interested, please register for the event on our Facebook page or email to icagames[at]icagames[dot]org, so we can determine how to accommodate everyone. Also, let us know if you’d like to attend the whole session or just “drop in” for 20-30 minutes, because if there is a lot of interest we may schedule people for blocks of time if there is a lot of interest.

If the third TAG Talk is a success like the first two, we’ll be sure to organize a third one shortly before or after the ECREA conference in October. Hope to see you hanging out soon!

P.S.: Note that there’s some sort of summer or daylight saving time in many countries. 4 p.m. GMT is actually 5 p.m. in London, but we kept it that way because, well, it’s what everybody’s used to :-) If you want to be extra sure, check your local time here: