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PRECON Istanbul – Q & A

We received a few questions regarding the preconference in Istanbul. So here are some answers (and please don’t hesitate to add your questions here):


* Do I need to register for the main conference if I want to visit the preconference on games?

Most likely: no. We are pretty sure that there will be two independent registration processes for the two events. Prices and process are not announced for the precon yet, but we will post that information as soon as it is available.


* Is the registration for the main conference included in the registration for the pre-conference?

No. S. above. If you register for the preconference, you’re not registered for the main conference. You need to register for the main conference separately (at least that is our expectation from the information that is currently available; if there is a change of plans, we will let you know, immediately).


* Will there be a hotel list?

There is one already! Please use the hotel list of the main conference, via the website We do not have a separate hotel list and special precon prices, as it would be very inconvenient to change hotels after a day. You might be able to extend your stay at the given prices, but you should negotiate that with the respective hotel.


* When will the conference start?

It’s not fixed yet. We will announce the program as soon as possible. We know that some of you asked for a start around noon, so that they can fly in during the morning of the 23rd, but that is something we still have to clarify with the local team. We will inform you as soon as possible.


* Can I already register? Where is the program? Why are you so slow?

No, you cannot register (yet), and there is no program (yet). We are working hard that you get that information quickly. However, things need to be discussed between various groups (TWG, local organizers, and the overall ECC organizing team), which takes some time. So please be patient. It will be worth the wait. ;-)